Putting Your Life In a Box

Everytime I move I learn a little bit more about myself. For the past few weeks I’ve lived on couches, out of boxes, changed clothes in my storage unit, slept in my car … all because I decided one day I was too complacent in a life that I don’t want. So I’ve decided to drop everything and go to Europe for three months.

I’m not sure what I want ultimately, but I know sitting behind a computer screen selling stuff to people who are living their dreams (musicians, filmmakers, producers, TV stars) isn’t one of them no matter how much money I make at it. My lust for life is in the adventure of attempting to get from point A to Z. The past two years I’ve spent stuck at D. This trip for me is an opportunity to embrace the unknown, the uncertain, the unexplored … Everything I own in the world is in a storage unit in Atlanta, GA and I feel so much better without it all.

Right now is probably the worst it’s been for Americans to travel in months. First there was the North Korea Missle Incident, and now the Hezbollah/Israel thing looks like it’s getting out of control and tensions are rising everywhere. For some reason, though, that calms me. Whatever happens, it’s important for us Americans to get our heads out of our asses and see the world from the world’s perspective. I’m not worried about “the worst” happening – “the worst” for me is doing nothing at all.

Modified from original publication at hollaBackPack.com