What Do I do with My Hair?

With little more than a week left before I leave the country, I still have one major loose end. Wtf do I do with my hair!?

Just to catch you guys up, I’ve had dreads twice in my life. From the time I was 20 to 22, then again from 22 to 24. Both times I cut them off, not because I was unhappy, but because I’m not afraid to experiment with my appearance. Plus, believe it or not your hair style attracts very different people. I meet very different people depending on what I look like and I know certain people who are my good friends now, I probably would never have met if I didn’t have locks. Here’s what I looked like back in October 2005 before I cut them off.


And here’s me now…


I figure 3 months in Europe is a good time to start growing my hair back, because I do want to “lock-up” again. But here’s my dilemma: do I start now by getting twists and letting them lock while I’m there or do I just let my hair grow and then start dreading when I come back?

Decisions, decisions!