Only one more week of these asinine posts before I’m off across the Atlantic!

For the past few weeks I’ve spent hours upon end at Starbucks because they’re so many of them and since I’m homeless until the trip I go there for internet access. (I’ve been staying with a rotating selection of friends and family, not all of whom have web access.) It’s great for this, and if you ever spend more than 10 minutes at Starbucks ordering your Rasberrymochajavachipfrappuchino, you’ll notice that people will just come there and work…sometimes all day.

I’m one of those people.

Doing this has it’s perks, though. You’ll get to know the people who work there and sometimes you get free stuff. Did you know that if you’re at Starbucks when they close, they give out all the left-over pastries and cookies for free? I found this out last night, hanging out at the Starbucks on Moreland in Little 5 Points.

It’s the little things that’ll miss when I’m gone.

Wait, they have Starbucks in Britain. What am I thinking I’m not going to miss anything about America! lol

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