OSX Leopard Day 1

So I upgraded to OSX Leopard this weekend (Apple OS10.5) and my first thoughts are for the most part positive.

Initial observations:

  • ‘Spaces’ became a feature that I immediately was unable to live without. Far more useful than Expose ever was.
  • All of my old essential programs still work including Mozy, Quicksilver, Firefox, Transmit, The Adobe CS Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator) etc.
  • NodeBox and Processing (Proce55ing) still work.
  • Although I’m not using time machine, it’ll be essential to backing up my data and helping me to migrate to new machines in the future.
  • Coverflow in my Finder is amazingly useful.
  • The new ‘quickview’ option for files (just hit spacebar) also instantly became so used that it makes the old versions of OSX hard to use.
  • Runs way faster and seems to be more stable.

Initial Pet Peeves:

  • Hardly any new wallpapers although the Leopard space theme is cool.
  • The new screen savers are silly.
  • The new MAIL won’t let me make custom folders for storing documents.
  • The new dock, won’t let you do the ‘fan contents view’ if you have it on the left or right side of your screen.
  • Still no built in OS themes (you can toggle between two colors).
  • Doesn’t feel like an upgrade. The subtle upgrades are much needed and much appreciated but this could have easily been included in 10.4.9.

All in all I feel like considering the amount of time I waited for it to be released and considering all the hype, Leopard isn’t all it was cracked up to be. I was really expecting Apple to up the ante on this but much like Vista was to XP, Leopard to Tiger adds some useful features but really isn’t anything to write home about.