Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards

This year is already shaping up to be a big one and it helps to do a bit of a retrospective to ground oneself for the new year.

First, my 2011 resolutions

  • gosdot.com is my personal/professional blog, but I barely use it. In 2011 I plan to write at least five posts a week here in addition to my blogging at Ushahidi, Swiftly, Appfrica and other places.
  • I fully intend to ‘crush it’ this year in terms of business. 2010 was all about trying to push colleagues to do things in their own best interests.  This year will be very different in every possible way here as time and procrastination are the enemy of all startups.
  • I’ll refocus on things I want to do.  My writing, my design, my startup and app ideas will all get done.
  • The balance of family and friends is important to. So I’ll work on that, prioritizing time with my wife and family.  
  • I’ll take more vacations because they reenergize the mind.
  • I’ll do more public speaking because it helps me grow as a communicator.

What Happened in 2010?

What’s up in 2011?

  • Working on launching my new startup called LocaleMotive
  • Working on Crowdmap:CI, a private location sharing service
  • Scaling SwiftRiver, realtime data analysis, curation and filtering platform
  • Establishing a business HQ in Washington, DC area (maybe NY)
  • Scaling Appfrica to other East African countries.

Now you’ve got my list, where’s yours?