Delicious Curation & Stacked Narratives

I’ve noticed comparisons of the new to Pintrest, but I actually think the more interesting comparison here is that Delicious has squarely placed itself into the real-time, “remix the timeline of the web” zone of Storyful.

I’m a big fan of Storify, I used it quite heavily at TED a few months ago to see if capturing and curating the experience of an event was valuable.  I found my live curation to be quite popular actually, and later passed along some of my own observations to the Storify staff.

The new Delicious (new because it was acquired earlier this year by the same team that created is not so drastically different than it was before.  It retains all your old links and friends from the Yahoo days, but is definitely emphasizing curation over bookmarking with its new ‘stacks’ feature.

The idea behind stacks is that any link on the web can become part of an edited collection of links.  In a sense, creating a narrative, through the reappropriation of material collected from around the web.

This reminds me a lot of Storify and how it’s users collect Links, Tweets, Videos and other bits from around the web to create meta-narratives around events, conferences or news.

Although I’ve felt for some months now that Storify is on the verge of having a breakthrough in how people approach content on the web, Delicious now has something that they don’t, scale (all the users inherited from Yahoo).   Only time will tell whether anyone still cares enough about Delicious to go back for this new experience.  I, for one, have moved on to but Delicious smartly retains its simple bookmarking features for those of us who just want to do that, while offering curation features for its new audience.

It’s also worth noting that I’m in the same DreamIt Ventures class as another awesome curation/bookmarking app called Spling.  Let the curation wars begin!