A Tale of Two Infographics

Over the past few days I’ve received a few emails asking me if we produced this infographic which has been republished and referenced by Microsoft Social Media Manager Rob Wolf on The Next Microsoft Blog, by Steve Clayton of PSFK and others:

No we didn’t.  Actually this was created by someone named Jonathan Good at a different startup called 1000Memories whom we have no affiliation with.  

The confusion is with this infographic we published about two weeks before Jonathan’s on a number of sites including Quora, Flickr, and Visual.ly:

I suppose the section that people are finding similar is this section:

Needless to say, we’re flattered by the similarities and the enthusiasm you’ve had for reaching out to us.  However, we wanted to clarify that the graphics aren’t from the same source or research. 

1000Memories’ research is great and goes way farther than we did to estimate all the photos ever taken, where we were only concerned with the size of the photosharing market. They even emphasize the need for the findability of images, a problem that we’re attempting to solve at metaLayer.  There’s other differences in the two images as well: from the math used to scale the size of the rectangles in their graphic, to their inclusion of the number of photos taken each year, including analogue photos.


Anyways, we find the work of 1000Memories equally interesting as it’s made for some nice conversations about our technologies which aim to solve the problem of making photos more easy to mine for meaning.