Launching Third Cohort Capital, an Early-Stage Investment Fund


I’m excited to announce the launch of my new angel investment fund, Third Cohort Capital. Third Cohort came together when myself and eight other alumni of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program decided to pool our resources together and invest in technology startups. 

Some of you may know of my work over the years via The Appfrica Fund, a fund which exclusively targets early-stage tech ventures and social enterprises in Africa. After cutting my teeth there and learning how to help startups as a funder, mentor, and by sharing my experience, I learned I have a desire to do this regardless of location of the company. With Third Cohort I can do just that. We’ll be focusing on the broader tech space, entrepreneurs with great ideas and great backgrounds who need support from early-backers. 

In fact, we’ve already made our first investment into a company called Shadow that we’re super excited about. Shadow is tackling one of the biggest undertapped markets in the world: people who dream. For me they represent a unique opportunity to democratize sleep science while capturing data at scale about one of the biggest mysteries of human consciousness.


Shadow began their journey by raising nearly $100,000 from over 3,500 people on Kickstarter. Building on that momentum they’ve accomplished a great deal since then that they’ll be announcing soon. I encourage you to follow their progress at

A portion of the fund is dedicated to what I feel is one of the most inspiring alumni networks in the country, the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business graduates. The types of businesses that go through the GS10KSB program are more traditional brick and mortar, mom and pop type companies. While these small business account for a growing number of jobs in the United States’ sluggish economy, they are traditionally under-capitalized. This is a problem we’ll help to solve.

I’m excited to expand the profile of entrepreneurs that I’m able to work with through Third Cohort! Follow us on Twitter at @thirdcohortfund.