Miami Tech Rising

Over the past year the Miami tech scene has been getting a lot more national attention. I’ve had my own dabbling there working with colleague and friend Michael Hall of marketing firm  MediumFour.

So I’m looking forward to speaking at two forthcoming tech events down there.

The first is Black Tech Week in February. Black Tech Week is a week long series of events celebrating innovators of color during the last week of Black History Month. The Black Tech Week steering committee has invited top technologist, startup founders, venture capitalist, world leaders, grassroots activists and thought leaders to present at our 2 day summit, VC/Mentor mixer, Hour of Tech at Miami Dade County Schools, and a community hackathon as well as two pitch competition.

BTW is organized by the folks at Code Fever which focus on helping the next generation of young people learn to code. Find out more about Black Tech Week here –

* * *

I’ll also be giving at talk at Startup City: Miami in March, an event sponsored by The Atlantic and The Knight Foundation.

Join us for our annual trip down the coast to Start-Up City: Miami, where we will highlight South Florida’s high-growth (and high-profit) innovation while exploring the emerging models of entrepreneurship taking root in cities around the U.S. As a beachside business gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, Miami is a cosmopolitan city with high ambitions in rocketing emerging markets. And those ambitions are charged by changes at home, where tech is transforming traditional industries and talent increasingly clusters in cities reinventing their brands. With Miami’s high-profile growth as our backdrop, we’ll ask: how can cities maximize their homegrown strengths and small business values, while attracting the outside resources to compete with their bigger peers?

You can find out more about Startup City here –