Maine Startup and Create Week 2015

I’m embarrassed to admit when TEDster Adam Burk reached out
to me to Portland, Maine to speak Maine Startup and Create Week 2015 a few
months ago, I had no idea that Portland, Maine even existed. Everyone knows
Portland, Oregon but Portland, Maine was about as familiar to me as Paris,
Texas is to most people. Meaning not at all.

So I’m glad I decided to come for a number of reasons, but
the first is I learned about this new great place. On top of that, Portland, Maine is
pretty awesome (in the summer). I will definitely revisit. Startup and Create Week was a unique conference in that it wasn’t all tech oriented, there was also a food track and a general entrepreneurship track which brought in a lot more people than those who might attend the typical tech conference.

While there I was interviewed by the local NBC affiliate WCSH 6′s Caroline Cornish about my work as an investor and my ‘outcome design’
methodology which I use to help companies mitigate the risks of innovation.

You can view my interview on WCSH6 here.

Later I was interviewed by the team at the Knack Factory which can be viewed here.