Six Posts to Read Before Reaching Out to a VC

I get a lot of emails from young, upcoming founders who want advice, help, funding or many other things. If that’s you, or you’re about to reach out to me or some other investor please take the time to read the following articles first:

  1. Jason Calacanis does a great job of telling people what it takes to get funding with his post “When You Should You Reach out to Investors?”
  2. Fred Wilson does a great job of explaining how to build a minimal pitch deck and why that’s often preferred in his post “Six Slides”
  3. Steve Bowman offers an interesting counter-point to Fred about doing a longer, more elaborate, pitch deck.
  4. Guy Kawasaki is somewhere in the middle on the subject.
  5. DJ Patil writes about what it takes to succeed in his post “Failure is Our Only Option”
  6. This post over at Less Wrong tells you to just “Shut Up and Do The Impossible”

The first four of these are pretty quick reads, the last two are longer reads. Still they are worth it. So read them. If you can’t invest a few minutes of reading into your company, you’re either wildly successful already or you’re doing something wrong.

The last one I’ll add is one from myself for entrepreneurs who feel they are at a disadvantage because they are a minority.

Guess what? You are and no one gives a shit.

Being a great entrepreneur means tearing down the hurdles that others put in your way, no matter that they are. Here are my even more candid thoughts on the matter: “The (Bad) Advice You’ll get as a Minority Startup Founder”

Updated 6.8.2017: Changed ‘Five Posts’ to ‘Six’ and added Guy Kawasaki’s