Every Day Apps – Web Products I Use Daily

…because they add a lot of value to my own personal life or work. 

1. Vizibility

So brilliant!  It allows you to manually curate your top ten search results on Google, then Vizibility buys an adwords campaign for whatever name or word you’ve created the list for. Now, their list will show up for anyone searching your name, company, or product.

I use it for my company metaLayer, but also as an individual it allows me to know who’s searching me, as well as where they live at a city level (reverse IP lookup).  After I give a presentation or go to a conference, it’s almost inevitable that the results of people searching from that location spike.

2. Buffer

If you have the tendency to overshare on Twitter, Buffer has an app for that.  By spreading out your bookmarked links or messages throughout the day or week, Buffer forces you to pace yourself.  It also helps to make it appear like you are tweeting away at work while you’re actually on vacation sipping mojitos on the beach in Cabo. 

3. Grammarly

SaaS grammatical checking and suggestions to improve your writing and sentence structuring.  It’s an awesome web service, but over-priced at $19 a month, in my opinion.  I paid for it for a while but found the cost disproportionate to the benefit. Still, I think the product is very much needed.

4. Flipboard

Your favorite Feedreader’s favorite Feedreader. Flipboard for the iPad just gets better and better. It’s also beginning to feel more organic to use. I wish they’d ship an iPhone solution already.

5. Simplenote/JustNotes


Why these two products are made by two different companies is beyond me.  They work seamlessly together. JustNotes is a desktop app for Mac that solves the problem of speed and simplicity for saving notes.  SimpleNote is a web app that allows users to store files, lists, ideas and notes to the cloud.

On my Mac I used to use the native TextEdit like a ninja. That’s usually the perfect solution until the day the program you’re using or your comuter crashes and all those ‘Untitled 1’ files mysteriously vanish into the ether.  

JustNote offers the speed and simplicity, while Simplenote stores it all in the cloud.

6. LittleSnapper

A desktop app for OSX that allows users to edit photos, capture screenshots, upload to the cloud and other things.  I used to use Cloud App but I like being able to edit and crop photos and screenshots before they are kicked over to the cloud.

7. Foodspotting

I never thought I’d be someone who took pictures of their food to upload them to the internet but as it turns out, I’m a total unabashed food geek.

8. Quora

A question and answer website where the quality of answers makes it more like Wikipedia than a YouTube comment thread (here’s looking at you Yahoo! Answers).

9. DropBox

Backup your important files to the cloud and across devices.

10. Spotify

It’s so easy and convenient it makes file sharing feel like a chore.  No download, no uploads, just start listening to music. Many competing apps have a catalog problem, but Spotify solves that problem by integrating with iTunes.